Field Infrastructure

Production of Issaran field depends mainly on thermal recovery from heavy oil-bearing shallow formations within 1000’-2000’ depth. Thermal recovery technique at Issaran field depends on generating steam.  Steam generators, with 23k bbl of steam capacity are located at different strategic places in the field. A steam network delivers steam to most of the wells in the Issaran field. The steam injection mechanisms include cyclic steam (CSS), Group steaming (GCSS) and Continuous Steam Injection (CSI). The production of the Issaran field in ‪Oct 2021 –  Oct 2022 was around 2700 bbl oil equivalent per day produced from 150 wells. Most of the production is coming from the southern part of the field as well as the central block G area which saw intensive development drilling in 2021 and 2022.  

The Issaran field facilities were significantly upgraded in 2010 to support future development plans. This resulted in a significant improvement of facilities integrity and field capacity available. Also improving safe and efficient operations in many areas as follow:-

  •  4 Central Processing Facilities (CPFs), with 2 Trains per CPF and each train capable of managing 2500 barrel of oil and 12500 barrel of water per day adding to many other tanks of 1000 bbl. capacity. Production handling capacity is more than 20,000 bbl. of oil per day.
  • 4 terminals for custody transfer to GPC, 2 in service and 2 spares.
  • 13 Steamers of 23,000 bbl. of steam per day total capacity
  • 2 Water Disposal Wells handling 14,000 bbl. water per day.
  • Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Station PRS of 20k m3/hr.
  • A diesel fuel station consisting of 3 tanks of 200k liter total capacity.
  • Power Station consisting of 4 Sets of natural gas generators of 2.7 MW total capacity.
  • Water supply of 3k M Cub capacity with pump station and water network to south and Central areas.
  • Chemistry lab, core house & warehouse.
  • Fire tender and ambulance
  • Heavy equipment yard.
  • Drilling rig, workover rig and 2 pulling units