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Scimitar Egypt Story 

The Issaran oil field is located 290 km southeast of Cairo and 3 km inland from the western shore of the Gulf of Suez, covering an area of 72 km2.

Issaran is a complex but attractive large heavy oil reservoir of Miocene age, with approximately 1,000 MMSTB oil in place. The average reservoir depth is 1200 ft, varying from 650 to 2100 ft. Oil gravity is between 10 to 12 °API.

There are 5 main Miocene reservoirs (Zeit Sands, Upper Dolomite, Lower dolomite, Gharandal and Nukhul). The Zeit is a sand sandstone reservoir and the other four are highly fractured carbonates This combination of Heavy Oil in a fractured Carbonate reservoir makes Issaran a uniquely challenging and highly specialized Enhanced Oil Recovery operation.


The field was discovered in 1981 and the cumulative production up to 1998 was 0.7 MMbbls from 9 wells. With the oil price increases in the mid-nineties, the Egyptian government made a concerted effort toward developing this field.

In 2001 Scimitar Production International Ltd. signed a Production Service Agreement for a 20-year development and production period with The General Petroleum Company (GPC), to proceed with development of the Issaran heavy oil field. The STOIIP estimation at that time was 410 MMBB and the, 2P reserves were estimated at 0.2 MMBBL. Amounting to a recovery factor below 1%. The the daily production at the time was 170 BOPD. The productivity of the wells was very low and the average production per well was below 30 BOPD.

During the period 2005-2008 a major development took place consisting of cold production and thermal production phases. Some 240 wells were drilled, facilities installed, and production increased to 9000 bbl/d during 2007 but declined rapidly afterwards and for a decade the production varied between 2000 and 4000 bbl/d.

In 2019 Inpector Capital BV, a Dutch private company, acquired Scimitar Production Egypt Ltd., thereby gaining a foothold in Egypt’s oil, gas and energy sector. A redevelopment plan for the field is currently being prepared, reversing the declining production trend from the last decade.