The Issaran field concession is located in the Eastern Dessert, 290 km southeast of Cairo. The concession is operated by Scimitar Production Egypt Ltd (SPEL) under a Petroleum Service Agreement with GPC. The field produces heavy oil (10-12 API gravity with a very low GOR) and was the first heavy oil development in Northern Africa stimulated with steam. 

There are 5 main reservoirs from Miocene formations (Zeit Sands, Upper Dolomite, Lower dolomite, Gharandal and Nukhul). The Zeit sand is a highly permeable sandstone reservoir, and the other four reservoirs are highly fractured carbonates. This  combination of heavy oil and the  fractured nature of the carbonate reservoir makes Issaran a uniquely challenging reservoir requiring highly specialized Enhanced Oil Recovery operations 

The company main office is in Cairo, Egypt and the field operations base is located in Issaran on the shore of the Gulf of Suez. The company employs over 500 people to support its activities. The activities range from exploration, development, drilling operations, oil production, well intervention, steam generation and all the required support and general services to run responsible and safe operations.