Eng Emad Nabil

Well Engineering Manager

After obtaining his bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering from Al Azhar University in 2001, Emad Nabil commenced his professional career by joining Gempetco company, the joint venture of Pico, as a petroleum engineer. He worked as a consultant with Apache before starting his journey in Scimitar as workover engineer in 2007. During his 15 years of experience in Scimitar, Emad held a variety of senior roles in the drilling and workover fields until he was promoted to the role of Workover Manager in 2015 and following that Well Engineering Manager in November 2021. Overseeing the drilling and work-over operations of hundreds of wells, and the intervention of scheduled and unscheduled deferments workover operations in many wells in Issaran field. Emad has a reliable reputation for his leadership and technical skills.