Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility

Scimitar is committed to contribute to the Sustainable Development of all its surrounding communities. Scimitar targets three main sectors; Education, Healthcare and Decent Way of Life, which is aligned with the presidential directions and the initiative for a better life “Haya Karima” and the government efforts to uplift these three sectors.  

Scimitar also contributes significantly and on a regular basis to many civil projects in Ras Gharib and in Cairo where we utilize our manpower resources, equipment, and technology to help in natural crises such as heavy rains, flood, road repairs, road accidents, medical assistance, planting trees and reduce pollution. 

Scimitar’s Contribution in Ras Gharib over the past few years focused on schools, hospitals, clinics, and poor communities in close coordination with the City Mayor & City Council, Healthcare Authority, and many governmental bodies.   

Scimitar also provides job opportunities to Ras Gharib residents, as a significant number of our field staff are Ras Gharib residents. A large number of our contractors are from Ras Gharib along with all our required local supplies. This is another way in which scimitar’s presence supports the local Ras Gharib economy and helps it to nourish and grow.  

Scimitar provides Training opportunities to many university students on annual basis in coordination with many universities to help them get ready for work in the market upon their graduation.

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